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    Can we get a new class yet ^.^

    I would love to see a new class soon I am running out of classes to max. I would love to see a poison class like a plague doctor. Walking around spraying a cloud that poison enemies and heals allies. tossing out other poison like abilities that add stacking poison damage to mobs would be fun as hell.

    Like the basic attack would be a cone of poison like pirate captain but streams like draco
    the right-click would be a canister of poison gas that leaves a could of poison that damages mobs with poison dot within, it has a duration of some type.
    1 ability would allow the cloud of poison to ignite causing damage to any mob in the cloud and sets them on fire dot.
    2 ability unleashes a pandemic from the player causing disease to spread in an aoe. dot
    class gem allows tosses 2 canisters of poison and acid adding another dot.

    This would allow 4 dots on a mob ticking away their health. This will be a new playstyle that focuses on managing your dots in order to get the maximum amount of dps.

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    This is beyond the capability of Trion/Gamingo. We shall wait another 3 years for a new class haha.

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    Over 3 years theres been 95% of trove population farming on speed runs u9 and the finally added u 10 the other day and it got bored and was soloed by 75% in less then a month.

    Theres been bugs problems unbalances in power , combat, and abilities between basic class and advance class but majorly basic " take knight dps tanking with Draco dps tanking". "And then take Cloro survivability and dps against Rev Survavability and dps" especially cg, Instead of fixing the game and characters that are current people get spaming class ideas since Devs dont plan to fix there current ones and balnce them between therir selves " Knight and Cloro need mor sycing between their abilities and need better abilities that dosent do the same thing as others just with a diffrent colour.

    There been over 100++ of good balance class idea in trove that could intensly increse its population and profit also full activity on player side to support the game and over 3 to 4 year finally Vanguard got added and even the intence grinding for that thing people got it including me pure grinding in less then a month ( we were deperate for somthing new in the game) that wasnt your avrege spam abilities and sentry class or even worth spam Knight cg the only ability in Knight power it apear by 99% of the players, and sentrt.

    The problem with trion was that they trew dirt even to the game who kept them floating by it self for years witch been trove becuse of active player even donating costumes, mounts, sword, dungeons maps, st maps, ne mobs , new blocks to build with well ill say 99.9% of trove witch are evrything exept the Grinding un fair outbalance sistem is from the players, and in the long run the most respect that trion gave for killing eye balls between a screen all day or weeks making costume costumes and mounts was even more grinding to get the things that the same players created and some became untradabale and unasesable to much of the current wons, geanus very geanus the made the own players who supports them, hate them. I just hope gaming wont go. And do the same as the past devs of trove did.

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    Hello there,

    Our team is currently thinking about it.

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    I think they need firstly fix existing ones.
    With "fix" I meant general buff for (Chloromancer, Tomb Raiser, Boomeranger) and buff for Shadow Tower dps (Shadow Hunter and Neon Ninja - they became pretty useless right there ...)

    And too many stuffs are untradable (Chaos Chests are pretty useless to every end game player, many other stuffs just sittin around, collecting dust in our inventories).
    Some balance will be pretty nice ..
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