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    oh yeah forum and glyph accounts are somewhat separate so he can be telling the truth

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    i guess i miss a day of grind and go to sleep

    hopefully the game didnt just died :v

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    I sound like there is some unexpected things going on. It is fair to say that you would not intentionally disappoint people with an eta that you knew would not happen.

    As a player, FTP myself, we are just as much part of the game as those who support with store purchases, without us, they would not be better than the vast majority, and the market would be a new world of different.

    We have been disappointed at least twice under advice from trove this past 24hrs.

    Please, come up with some sort of explanation, and most of all, a real live time. If we were told it would be five hours or more from the beginning (Admittedly you yourselves didn't know) then we could have made other plans.

    Compensation may be your only option, lots of players don't reside here on the forums, but they most likely feel the same as those who have posted here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XPHonza View Post
    oh yeah forum and glyph accounts are somewhat separate so he can be telling the truth
    doesn't really matter though, because he made his forum account today just to tell people off lul.

    but that doesn't matter goodnight.
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    Remember this time back in Trove Camp, when they said something like this might happen. Dont worry everyone, Trove is just taking a nap, and will be back online after the developers higher someone who actually knows the software to fix their problem. This is why companies fail...dont ever fire all your employees..especailly the hardest workers..
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    Wow, servers are locked for testing. Queue position: 516
    Upd: 451
    Upd2: it let me in, I'm playin, Europe

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    Up playing USA server. Thanks.
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    Hi all,

    The emergency maintenance is now complete, and Trove PC is back online.

    On April 18, at approximately 1:35 PM PDT / 8:30 PM UTC, Trove PC experienced a critical outage. Shortly afterwards, we took the servers offline for necessary and immediate emergency repairs.

    As a result of these repairs, all player progress on Trove PC has been restored to the last stable point, approximately 12:20 PM PDT / 7:20 PM UTC on April 18.

    We have ensured that all purchases between these times have been refunded in full, including in-game Credit and Cubit transactions.

    To make of the lost hours of progression and play, we've put together a number of log-in rewards for Trove PC players as a thank you.

    The log-in rewards grant the following:
    • 1 Day Patron Pass
    • 6 Lustrous Gem Boxes
    • 3 Empowered Gem Boxes
    • 25 untradeable Chaos Chests
    • 25 Dragon Coins
    • 5 Double Experience Potions

    These log-in rewards will be available to all Trove PC players until 4:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM UTC on April 26th. We appreciate you standing by us while we worked to get the servers back online!
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