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    Easter Hunt Event

    Hey Trovians,

    Are you ready for the Egg Hunt!? The Easter Rabbit has landed in Trove and hidden delicious Easter eggs on all of our social media channels!

    Trovians can hop over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and find a unique picture on each platform.

    So, how do you participate? EASY!
    1. Go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (The links are in my signature below!)
    2. Find the Easter eggs hidden in each of the pictures.
    3. Share your result in the post’s comments!
    4. Profit!

    There will be one winner per social platform (and if there are multiple correct guesses then your dedicated CM team will randomly choose a winner), and of course they’ll be rewarded ��

    The event will end on Monday 22nd 11:59 pm, so keep your eyes peeled on all of our social channels for a chance to win!

    Ok Trovians, let’s get ready to HUNT!

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    https://imgur.com/3xyN7pQ - from instagram
    https://imgur.com/bS40NWn - from facebook
    https://imgur.com/0dcmEdZ - from twitter

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    In front of your eyes
    My Ans:


    also reply on IG,FB,Twitter

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    Can i find something thats not another crappy event in the eggs? Maybe trion worlds or game developers?

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    Not to disparage or derail but is there an Easter trove event planned or looming update *Cough* gardening 2.0 *Cough* that is nearing release? I'm anticipating something during this holiday season. Would like to hear more. If this information is being disseminated during this "Easter egg" social media thing then great! If not then a quick update for those who don't hold much interest in social media events would be much appreciated.

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    No Thank you.

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    Please give us a Geode Cave Egg event please?

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    I don't have any social media and i don't plan on creating it for this event only.
    Next time, make an in game event, thats where i am.
    And, i'm sorry to say, this looks absolutely lame(not to say lazy).
    IGN: _Ethernet || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    neat thatl be fun

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    All I can say is.. why would you have an Easter event for Trove, outside the game and after Easter is over, but that's just me.

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