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    Atlas Lag

    hello on my ps4 when I open the map where it contains the different worlds the game it starts to lag until I do not leave the map it does not return. How do I get this?

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    Its been that way since they added it to the main hub. I had hoped they would fix it when they announced it was being added to our character screen, but alas they did not. Either they knew it was awful but couldn't fix it or they simply have no idea just how bad it is. I wouldn't expect any response since fasti is gone. Use old portals whenever possible to avoid the frustration.

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    Hello there,

    We are aware of this issue and are looking into it.

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    I’ve just downloaded the game on PS4 and it’s still laggy on atlas it’s so bad I can’t get off either have to wait 3 mins for it to catch up it seriously needs fixing it’s terrible takes so long...

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