Time: Friday, April 12, 9:05 am EST
Context: Challenge at Hub
Expected: Join the challenge, and when challenge starts, "Awaiting Resurrection" message should disappear.
Observed: "Awaiting Resurrection" never disappeared, even after leaving the challenge.
Repro Steps: I've had this happen to me on the Live server as well, but not 100% of the time:
1. Join the chellege portal at the Hub
2. As the challenge is waiting to begin, the "Awaiting Resurrection" message appears on the screen.
3. When the challenge starts, the "Awaiting Resurrection" message doesn't disappear.
4. If you leave the challenge by pressing H during the challenge, the message still remains on the screen.
5. Even outside of the challenge, when switching worlds, the message still remains.

While challenge is active: https://puu.sh/DdCCX/f2c23f6d49.jpg
After leaving challenge, at the hub: https://puu.sh/DdCDt/ab5e8cf19a.jpg
At U10: https://puu.sh/DdCLo/a5e4b3d25e.jpg