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Thread: Player-Designed Frameworks

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    Player-Designed Frameworks

    I'd like to see a personal framework crafting bench. The bench would be placed in an area of a club and would take up a 20x20x20 block area. Once activated, the 20x20x20 (8000 block) area will allow any combination of blocks to be placed. Once finished with the design, the framework would be saved for 5000 flux and added to the player's inventory. This personal framework would then be used like a terraformer. The only exception would be that the framework itself doesn't get used, only the blocks that are required to build it would be taken out of your inventory and used. If all the blocks necessary to place the framework are not already present, it generates an error message stating which materials are missing and how many so the player can then go get these missing blocks.

    Currently, the grind is just to boring and the building is just too tedious. The only thing I do now is trade in the market for a few minutes a day here and there. If there were a tool, like the one above, that took all the repetitive time-consuming junk out of the building process, mega-structure foundations could be laid in minutes to hours instead of days to weeks. This would then make building an acceptable venture for everyone who isn't retired and only plays Trove all day long every day.

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    Still do hope this eventually gets added. I know topic has come up a few times. It would speed up placements of city builds such as houses, statues, then even like trees if trying certain garden patterns for like a hedge maze and such. Not quite sure if that's what devs fear is current clubs build faster and server memory fills up faster. Basically slowing server performance from sizable clubs. That's about the only limitation see so far.

    A step further to maybe have more clubs being visited or build clubs gaining props more so is have like framework bench to the club. The way world links work where go to the bench to grab it but have it as a club merchant for others to buy from players that made it. Could have it fixed prices depending on size. If not then just have it there to buy normally for a cost on crafting and flux goes to no one. Just a idea that would have more building clubs getting more visits/props.
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