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Thread: Pair O Dice

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    Pair O Dice

    Would like to see Pair O Dice recipe in luxions loot, the recipe is kinda a closed beta thing and was in the store for cubits in closed beta then was taken down in open beta and I wasnt able to get them. Tired of spending 1k ea for dice on Mp would like to craft my own plus would be good item in luxion. Ty for your time

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    Hi Klowninn93,

    Pair O Dice are some olds recipes from beta of trove PC, they are now unobtainable.

    To gain these Dice recipe nowdays, Devs added them on "Super recipe Staches". so, you may get them randomly between some others cool recipes.

    In case of, it came out on console on "The Megalithic Update. (June 27, 2017)"
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    The Omni Recipe item now unlocks the White Die and Black Die recipes.
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    Omni Unlockers are now known as 'Stashes'.


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