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Thread: Styles from Anubian Assasin costume not unlocking

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    Styles from Anubian Assasin costume not unlocking

    Even tho I purchased it eons ago, in my quest for mastery I noticed the following styles never unlocked from this costume:

    Anubian Assassins bow
    Anubian spear

    I don't know about other platforms, but this is on Xbox One.

    I can verify this is not limited to me. I will have others post to confirm.

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    On PC and have the same.

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    The Anubian Assassin costume only comes with the Anubian Assassin's Blade (melee). Why would a Neon Ninja costume come with a bow and spear? That being said, I have no idea where these styles are from (definitely not a costume, even though that is the collection they are listed under). They are one of the few things with mastery tied to them I am still missing and would love to know.

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    The styles were added back in April 2017 and were done by the same designer as the Anubian Assassin costume for the Neon Ninja. They may have been submitted as concepts that were added to the game by mistake or were place holders to be used with possible unreleased Anubian themed costumes.

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