Both the long and short interval LED Blocks are not working for those crarfted and/or placed tonight. You can toggle them on and off, but they will just stay lit or stay off. They do not blink at all.

I tried ones i had crafted a few weeks ago as they worked, but were left over from a build. When placed, they did not work and then proceeded to break the rest of the already placed and working ones in the club.

I crafted both long and short and went to various clubs and not working. We tried placing and leaving and coming back...not working. placed and deconstructed and replaced....not working.

I had difrferent people try these same steps in their clubs and elsewhere and they had the same problem. 3 of us tried it.

Time: We just noticed it this evening 4/6/19

Context: XBox One Standard

Expected: To craft and place LED long and Short Interval blocks and have them blink and work normally as intended.

Repro Steps: Craft LED blocks either short or Long Interval on the crafting bench on the xbox one.