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Thread: Bring us a new world to play! (u10)

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    Bring us a new world to play! (u10)

    Hello devs! since the arrival of Geode U10, the prime worlds arent really interesting to play anymore.

    we get u9 gemboxes, which drop shadow gems commonly, compared to geode u10 the lowest rarity is radiant.

    we have to play prime u9 in order to get eclipse key fragments, which is boring as we play in a lower difficulty.

    what if we get prime u10, which doesnt particular grants us more eclipse keys frags, but does give us u10 gemboxes as radiant lowest rarity. and a challenging new world to play as the enemies are way stronger!

    i currently literally 1 shot kill everything in u9, thats quitte boring farm for what you get.

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    You can 1 shot everything in u10 to if you are high pr

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    I'm a bit lost here.
    u10 is u10 prime.

    Your asking them to add u10 in trove? u10 is on planet geode.
    I literally am getting x16 characters to pr 30k with ease.
    I have 100s of keys and I do a few 100 st a week.

    I think you miss understanding something or trying to do content your not ready 4 yet.
    u10 gem world's are pretty useless to add if people are farming u10.

    not judging you but I think you maybe doing something incorrectly.
    what item are you trying get? keys and gem boxes are handed out like it's candy on Halloween in u10.

    you have grinded u8 u9 geode to earn your way to u10 buy getting your light up?
    it really should have been u10 u11 u12 but these devs are not forward thinking.

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