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Thread: Idea - Actual boosts worth using in store

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    Idea - Actual boosts worth using in store

    Hey Devs, instead of creating and adding crap items to the store (I'm looking at you coin boosts). How about something worthwhile?

    I think it would be great if boosts were created that gave specific daily bonus buffs. Can't mine on Tuesday, ok, use the buff and get to it. Yes, there would be some additional work on the back end, so they didn't affect contests ( if anyone cares ).

    Along with this, please implement some sort of buff tracker / buff bar. Currently the potion buff icon sucks, and there aren't even icons for some stuff (hi lucky clovers).

    Could sell them individually and in packs similar to everything else. Make them hour long buffs that persist through zoning, and don't be greedy with the pricing.

    Just a thought.

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    There is a daily boost, it's called patron . I wasn't overly impressed with the dragon coin boost, but for now the bomber boost seems to be worth it since you can sell the items for more than the boost for the time being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitie View Post
    There is a daily boost, it's called patron . /snip.

    Ideally, these would be on top of patron, and stackable.

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    As Trove does not have a cooking Prof, why not add buff food to gardening as something that you grow? Rift combined both Fishing and Cooking to allow you to make buff food that you used in game. They also had the ability to make flasks and healing potions that were also used as Buff's.

    Trove is a much simpler game right now without those complications.

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