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    A Thank You Gift from the Trove Team

    Hey Trovians,

    As a mark of our appreciation for all of you, everyone who logs in from now until the 6th of April 2019 (4 AM PDT/11 AM UTC) will be able to claim a Dev Dream ally box.

    We hope you get something awesome!
    Community Manager, Trove

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    This is fun thank you.

    We have questions for you guys as the leaders of the community as far as coming here to get info for our clubs.
    The live stream has historically been run poorly but it was the 1 place we had our questions asked from time to time.
    What's if any is the best way these days to reach out to you guys with questions we have?

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    Thank you for the gift
    Under Mastery rank 20 use this referral code for free class coin
    Referral code : YYJENTHP7JY22NQGKTFJ
    Direct link to RAF https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/ac...=ascend_invite

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    Cool, thanks!
    Woo, husband of AJo | Mastery: 700+ | President of Garden of Wool | Alpha - Knight Supporter

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    Thank You for the gift!!!

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