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    Luxion Returns on Friday, March 29!

    Luxion of the Golden Hoard is a gorgeous dragon who returns to the Hub twice a month to trade goods for Dragon Coins. You'll find Luxion near the Dragon Crucible from March 29 until April 1. He’ll vanish at 4AM PDT (11AM UTC) on April 1 (not a prank), so don't wait!

    Just a few of the items Luxion is offering up on this next visit are:
    • Blizzard Behe-moth mount
    • Polar Caterkiller mount
    • Bitten Kitten mount
    While you’re checking out Luxion this weekend, be queue up for Bomber Royale Season 2 if you’re playing on PC!
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    Is there any plans to put the items from the essentials pack in luxion? These things have not been available in the game since December 2017. They include the ss trovian and the trove topper.

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    Those styles were actually on luxion a while ago. Wouldn't be bad to see them return once more tho.

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