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    Didn't get bomber royale 2 tome

    I bought the season two bomber royale tome at the Bomber Royale Merchant, expecting to get it. After I clicked on buy, it costed 10 coins, like normal, but didn't give me the tome.

    I bought this using a Lv. 23 Boomaranger.

    This bug happened at around 9:30 PM, Pacific Time.

    Could I please get the tome, or my coins refunded?

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    Hey there,

    Thanks for this report. Just to be sure, can you take another look in your adventure inventory? These tomes don't unlock in your collections, so you'll need to access it as an item from there.

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    Huh, I checked it yesterday when I bought the tome, and it wasn't there, but now it has appeared? Oh well, problem fixed.

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