So im thinking of a new character idea for trove like a reaper or soul reaper it has like a scyth along with L2 would be like a slash around you like a spin slash and R1 would be lile summon 2 Souls 1 to heal you and 1 to damage stays for a bit and heals and damages average and L1 would be like a move that creates a portal under your enemy and chains hopd enemy in place for 5 seconds? Dealing damage over time and it cant move so if its a boss you can stun and everyone can attack or if L1 isnt good then you summon a portal releasing muiltiple souls damaging the enemys amd healing 6 players including you to max HP. I hope my idea gets taken into consideration if Trove devoloper reads or anyone else. P.S Of Trove people reading please lower Sentience shards tp make Vanguardian really expensive to make i used 300 drag coins to get just 15 nothing now use 300k flux to get stuff