Hi i'm masaeta, I seem to be having crash issue every time after a update it seems. This is the second time now i don't know why but the last time after trying all the troubleshooting options over and over again and giving up it randomly loaded the next day fine. This time i've done all the options again and it gives me error one after another. I tried in both normal windows mode and safe mode, so far i was able to load in once in safe mode with no crash i just can't play because its so laggy. i came back to normal and its the same crashes again, with the errors again. errors are:

Error loading Texture textures/E_T_water_n.dds (-2147467259)
after you click okay to that

Error Loading Texture textures/team_ramp_0.dds (-2147467259)
then okay after that gives you

Error Loading Texture textures/team_ramp_1.dds (-2147467259)

Error Loading Texture textures/team_ramp_2.dds (-2147467259)

Error Loading Texture textures/team_ramp_3.dds (-2147467259)

Error Loading Texture textures/font.dds (-2147467259)
in that order

I do not know what more to do, why am i getting these errors after updates. First time just kept saying could not launch app from desktop or something. This one launches Trove and instant minimizes with the first error, then it goes down the line to the next one and after you close the last it gives you the Trove window with login name and password but tells you wrong password, because it just wont take your information no matter what, and yes i double checked the login info each time to make sure it is the right login information. I was playing fine before this update, can someone please help me.