Hello everyone.
I'm having a lot of lags, that is not playable tbh, my network is bad and i know it, but, even if my download/upload is bad, when i play anygame, (and i played a lot of games), something like 40 ms and that's all, no lags, and my pc is correct too, can play everygame high/ultra without any problems.

So, my question is, can i do something to reduce lags ? Can i do something to play this game, because i would like to play this game ^^

I tried to play in Low graphism, change my resolution (1280x1024 if i remember well), but still, there is so much lags, rollbacks.

To describe a bit these lags : Rollbacks, not every texture are charged, and i'm blocked when i'm trying to go throught textures that are not charged.

I search a lot of solutions in internet, but, apparently there is nothing, so, if it's not my computer, not my network(even if my connection is slow, it works in every games ^^'), what i'm supposed to do ?

I'm 25k pr and i paied some in this game, i don't want to just delete it ..

I hope someone can answer me, thank's.

btw, i'm french sorry for that bad english x)