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    I truly wish you the best of luck and the greatest happiness in your new venture!

    No one here knows what it's like to be a Trion CM or the CM for Trove, and I appreciate your patience and calculated responses over the years I've been visiting this board.


    Can we cut the nonsense and crummy commentary? Fasti is making a really nice effort to transition as best as he is able given his professional position, and everyone here should at least have the decency to reciprocate.

    We've been complaining about content and patches for years, I think we can keep whining out of at least ONE thread, right?

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    Woody nose was here

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    I just stumbled across this topic.....

    Although I have not always agreed with what you did and how you handled it, Fasti, I definitelly have deep respect in your work since I know that it is a touch job that you had here and handling people is never an easy thing to do.

    I really wish you the best of success in your future and like to see you still lurking in the shadows as a normal player

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