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Thread: Shangri Ia (Recruiting)

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    Shangri Ia (Recruiting)

    Shangri Ia is recruiting !
    We are a brand spanking new club, any pr or mastery is welcome, we are looking for respectful, mature, ,active, and friendly people to come help bring the club to the top ! We have level 3 beacon of heros and a bank of clubits waiting to purchase upgrades as we level up
    We will be doing giveaways every level up, the current giveaway is 20 flux tanks !
    to join message DonScytheTM in game, or DonScythe#7105 on discord !

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    can I join?
    IGN BlazingKnight
    IGN= BlazingKnight

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    I would join too if i can ^^.
    IGN: Jackinashaco

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    Jan 2016
    I would like to join too please
    IGN: KingOfDusty

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