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Thread: Is that higher uber has more dragon egg fragment drop rate than lower uber?

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    Question Is that higher uber has more dragon egg fragment drop rate than lower uber?

    btw egg frag drop rate is so low D;

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    It does but only affects certain dragons.
    Pirate, Deep Sea, Candy.

    Those are affected by Uber.

    I know U9 nets 5 fragments.

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    Farm on dragon day for increased drop rates. Honestly though, the drop rates used to be 20 times worse, now you can reasonably farm most dragons in a day or two.

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    Correct. The only time Uber level effects dragon egg fragments is in regards to slaying Flakbeard, Thallasia and Dracolotl. Or, pirate, sea and choco dragon. When getting fragments tied to harvests or mob kills, then the Uber level doesn't matter at all. All fragments have increased chance of drop on Dragon Day, and for the big three, the shards dropped per kill are multiplied.
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