Time: Friday, March 15th
Context: I put the clover seeds in the club world, after the minutes(35min), i throw the lucky stars on the clover seeds (1 lucky star) nothing happens. another one, nothing again, ''0/5'' after all the stars nothing, then i mined it, its just vanished, 10/10 event
Expected: idk, do something?
Observed: Got nothing, and the ''0/5'' never changed.
Repro Steps:
1. Go to my club world.
2. Put the clover seeds.
3. Kill some time waiting the time for the clover seed be imbued
4. Throw the Lucky stars (Nothing happens)
5. Try to mine the clover seeds, they vanished.
6. Rage quit the game.
(And yes i have the configuration that they mentioned it on the chat) (when you enters the game)