I crafted Candorian Trees (not pruned) in the Candorian Workbench Framework section after finding the recipe. I took everything off my cornerstone by mining it, so my cornerstone is completely empty except for the Cornerstone Foundation blocks.

I expected to be able to place the trees without problem and build around them, but they cannot be placed. The blocks of the tree are red as if they were not on my cornerstone or were blocked by something else, but neither of these issues is the case here.

I am in the hub, so there’s nothing else around me environment-wise that might be stopping it.

Should be easily reproducible, just try to place a Candorian Tree on a cornerstone. It sounds like this is a known issue, but none of the other forum posts I saw were about the Candorian Tree specifically. It also does not appear they have been resolved. I am on a PS4, not pro.