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    Nothing happened after dragging .dungeon file into the TROVE client

    “You can drag the .dungeon file into the Metaforge in order to preview your assembled dungeon. Note that you will likely need to fly up to the top of the dirt foundation it creates in order to see your dungeon. Dragging a .dungeon file into the client may return errors in the chat window if it fails to build a valid dungeon.”——original text from TROVE WIKI

    I tried this in Metaforge mode with "treefort.dungeon" witch is in the official dungeon_guide.zip
    I am sure that:

    1)both .dungeon and .blueprint files are in the same folder, path is my desktop

    2)there is no errors shown after I dragged .dungeon file in the chat, neither in rigth side of the window where infomation of getting exp or items shows

    system operation: win10
    game version: steam version

    so what is the correct way to drag?

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    Hey there,

    I checked on this with some experts and it should be working. It can take a bit of time for it to load, but it should load normally. Trovesaurus also finished an updated guide to dungeon creation recently that may help other builders, but what you've done so far should be working.

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