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Thread: Knight please fix.

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    Knight please fix.

    Was wating some classes fixes like knight and chloro...
    Curse u smashing ground should be removed and replaced with a ability like i explain in fouroums (GravityField)

    The passive shoud reduce 25% from all damage or current retribution stack after cg, and can be triggered by any type of damage(spiral, Gravity, all proyectles gems, normal attacks,etc. lasting 3 secs and can be stacked up to 7 times.

    Spiral strike should do more damage and cg should replace passive and make the effect stack.

    Chloro should get a minion like i explain in fouroums of Flower Guardian replacing her ult becuse the other 2 abilities got planting covered.

    Cg get fixed to 1/2 instead of 1/3 also chance to spawn cactus.

    The thing is knight attack dosent go up with class gem its the same dps as the normal attack spam with attack speed gear so in generall the cg dosent do anything more then cause stuns wich is unecesary when u know how to precise spiral stike, also given the fact that spiral strikes stuns last longer and dosent need much spam like cg, givong the chance to use other abilities and attacks things that cg dosent do becuse short stun.

    And if this dosent happend atleast make cg Generate a wave aroud the knight like a circle causing damage by base pd with crits modifier also stuning them for 1 secs each hit ability last 10 secs and it hits each 0.5 secods (20 hits total) cooldown 30 secs and thats better then spaming a button like crazzy causing broken buttons and keys.


    Make cg enchant Passive, making each hit that knight deals with normal attacks cause a damaging wave that stuns. And do damage equal to base pd with crit modifiers. cooldown 30 secs last for 10 secs and is trigged in a 1/3 when knight recieves damage ( makes more sence for the retribution name the current) passive haves)

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    Knight already had it's rework.

    Chloro is still somewhere in the mix but it's unsure if it will ever get around to it.

    Just saying.

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    1. Please refrain from making suggestions in this part of the forum. It's for crucial development feedback, not suggestions
    2. Any changes to Knight's class gem will be in the form of it getting a new class gem, and the old one being retired.
    3. Chloromancer might get a rework in the future, but given Trion's current stance after downsizing, it's not a priority task that can be expected any time soon.

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