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    I took a long break from Trove and lost the leadership from the clubs I created

    It's my first time writing here so I'm sorry if I make mistakes or something like that.

    I know my problem is not something new, but it's something I wasn't aware of until I started playing again recently. I had leadership of different clubs along with a friend of mine (My IGN: Ichigo120, his: Pipemax32). Now, I only have VP instead of presidency. This, I feel is completely unfair, because now I'm at a risk of losing the 100+ hours I spent in developing both of those clubs just because I took a break and wasn't made aware of that change.

    I'd like to know if something can be done about this, I saw a closed thread saying that people that went through the same could write their club name (Dragons FTW and Fighting Club DFTW) and it will be investigated, so here I am.

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    Hey there,

    This change was added to the game a very long time ago in a big patch that revamped the Club system; Adventures. We have some info on the change in our support site here.

    If you're back, reach out to the player with President permissions now and see about reclaiming control of the club. If no one is active, the rank should eventually shift back to an active player if the new leader never further adjusted the permissions to prevent that from happening.

    The goal of the change was to make sure clubs are kept active by having active leadership. Hopefully you'll be able to reach an agreement with the person who holds the President role now.

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    @ Ichigo
    Over the Years and in other Games I saw many Clubs/ Guilds getting destroyed because of that / inactive Leader. That was one of the best Updates .

    I hate this kind of Leader . Had one like that in another f2p . He nearly destroyed the Club with his inactivity because you couldnt inv new Players .

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