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Thread: Need help with VFX for mod

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    Unhappy Need help with VFX for mod

    I'm working on my first mod and would like to change the VFX for the mount I am changing - Stellaurion, Charter of the Constellations to be specific. I've download PopcornFX 1.13 and tried following some tutorials on what to do but I am having no luck at all and running into problems! The first issue is that my \Trove\Live\particles\VFX\ does not contain a PopcornProject.xml file and never has. The second problem is when I extract the .tfa files in \Trove\Live\particles\VFX\Particles\ I get all of the .pkfx files normally, but when I grab the ones I need and try opening them up in PopcornFX after creating a project file all of the .pkfx files have no previews and no textures. How can I fix this? What am I doing wrong? Please help!

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    I hope my video helps, it should give you everything you need step by step.


    Also, here's a gif collection of some of my VFX mods, let me know if you need help with anything else! https://gfycat.com/@timmyhighley

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