Hello there fellow trovians!
Pete here, and I stream this game practically every day.

Why pop in my stream you ask? Here are several reasons why you should visit:
  • I've played this game for a very long time. This means I have a vast wealth of knowledge of this game.
  • I do a variety giveaway all the time. There are raffles always happening just by following and typing raffle in the stream.
  • Occasionally I do a big prize for milestones. For instance, I am about to hit 3k. Once that is hit, you may have a chance to win 40 worth of xbox live, steam vouchers, you name it.
  • The people I hang around with are happy to answer your questions too and help get you started.
  • I am new player friendly by offering starter tips. Be advised that once I help you get started, you need to work the rest out yourself. However, you can ask for specific tips. What myself and my friends ask is that you do some research while playing the game.
  • I have made it to affiliate status on twitch as of Nov 8th 2016. You can sub with twitch prime and get the emote, icyandBLADE.
  • I'm vp of a club that is new player friendly.
  • I'm a console streamer (xbox one).
  • I'm open to ideas to improve my viewership and follower count. (please feed back to me however you can.
Thanks ever so much for your time, I hope to see you all soon <3