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Thread: Legalize Moving Outpost-NPCs, or: Welcome Back Griefers

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    ... if they are already putting this change on test server , then the decision by the devs is made ...
    No! PTS is the TEST server and we can test and show faults before the patch is released. I think we all (support, devs and gamers) agree that PTS Patch March 7, 2019 is no solution to moving NPCs.

    K10 farms ... logging in for fifteen minutes a day to level to 30 then logging out to wait for tomorrow
    Who cares? Who is hurt by them? If this is the only way they want to play let them play.

    ... Sure you can do a 10 kill but then what. Leveling up your character will only give you a slight PR increase, nothing major at all. And so people who use these daily will have no idea how a gems work. Another really big issue that I have seen personally in Shadow Towers are people not knowing how their classes work. ...
    True! Btw I had to get 5k pr to get 3 gem boxes at the weekly contests for each class. Now it is 2500 pr. Stellar gear is cheap to get now and so it became easier to get high pr. But pr or lvl30 is not the end of the game: Sooner or later gamers who like to play this game have to learn more about gems, stats, how to get materials, coins and flux for their dragons, talismans ...

    ... exploit this game and want to grind how the game was intended ...
    ... exploit ...
    Ok, an easy opinion. We all stop playing now and wait what the god or goddess of the game will bring to us.

    Or we give some solutions and think how it will change the game.

    I do not see any reason why to take more fun out of Trove:
    * They took out PvP (replaced by Bomber Royale) and the PvPs and mini-games in clubs never find any attractions, because gamers get no rewards for playing them.
    * Bomber Royale was busy 24/7 till they changed the club-adventure-quest from "play 3 times BR" to "throw 100 bombs in BR" - now people wail it wont start due to lack of participations.
    * There are weird limits to clubs: if members did not log in last 7 days they set back the daily club XP limit. There are a lot of posts about how hard it became to level clubs - so members get kicked while in holidays ... nice if you want to build a trustworthy community. Presidents lose the club and all things in it if they do not log in in 30 days ...
    * ... and a lot of more ...

    I like the Luminopolis-outposts as they are now in game. Make the ships and Geode-outposts undestroyable like hubs.

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    Personally as a player who once played a lot back in the day and recently came back the 10K farms have been wonderful. Leveling a class to max just isn't rewarding after the first or second time. Gems are gated behind level as well as crystal gear. Honestly for me only end game content ( U9/U10 & Shadow Tower) is fun for me. Leveling through the starting zones grinding dungeons that give no meaningful loot is just horrid. The fact these farms let me skip all the BS and get to the part i like makes me value and appreciate the farms and the people who set them up. And as for the people that dont know anything about their class because of power leveling no one is forcing you to help them. You can let them bumble around and look stuff up on their own. I've learned everything in Trove from forum posts, patch notes, and wikis so if those players take 2 mins to google their question im sure they can find the answer. At the end of the day people will do whatever they can to get to the "fun" part of the game whether its 10K farms , leveling normally, or buying their way to it. Personally for me grinding 300 hours of dungeons to level 20 some odd classes isn't fun, pushing a class to its limits and min/maxing is fun for me.

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    grinding a class to level 30 by just using dungeons doesn't take much time at all. So this change is just fine really, it allows the game to be played how it's supposed to be, instead of probably exploiting it.
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    Sure don't do anything that stops the bombing that people have made a number of post until enough figured out to move the NPC into a cornerstone for safety. With that news out, the ones that bury it with bombs will have a much easier time again. I enjoy explosives but not when its to mess up a quest given there's no fast way back to the outpost and usually have to hope there is a close enough cornerstone. Get ready for a rise in grief post unless developers cover it before this goes live and i'm going to add to the post or create a post given if need to rush some xp and happen to have NPC lost. Tend to try find this sometimes but more often plasma quest given that's a bit simpler and can stay by the NPC. I have a feeling going to end up doing a bomb battle to try attempt bury the griefer and slow them down some.
    recommended solutions: 1.make a indestructible safe zone for NPC or make whole platform indestructible 2. portal potion that uses a different amount of glim that's still low in cost that makes port in front of NPC so even if buried it can be found.

    Still also odd given the people that have used this grow so fast and don't look at weapon damage and assume that's the class damage type and usually seem to not find outpost useful until you hit like level 10. Anything early you don't experience the class too much to have a idea what stats you want on gear and blow the 20 quest and have to wait another day. Then again if play casual enough and use just outpost and stop playing once finish, maybe the lost in the sauce on game play issue could happen. Not sure how early people can start using outpost that would fire up this problem but sooner people get to 5k and 10k the more boxes they get so they keep trying their luck with gems.

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    My solution would be to make outposts building unbreakable + not being able to throw water via Palashien (Primordial water dragon)


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    Stoping Outpost and Bomber Royale XP Boost?
    Why after players here abused the glitch and comes here to stop?
    How many peoples except RL workers like me have time spending to play all day farming this and the map chunk lag loading?
    The investments of the gems, will lose?
    Dont tell me to get better PC or NET, because i already have but other players have no conditions to play descent, this 'exploit' helped alot.
    After this patch without compensations, probably i will stop playing this game because i dont want back to play/farm with this lag again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by See View Post
    K10 farms are much too easy to level to 30 with. It used to take a long time to go from 27-30 farming hard St or whatever and people would learn their class. Now I see 25-30k PR asking if their SH is magic damage or physical damage. Grinding ST also made friends and gave you something to do versus logging in for fifteen minutes a day to level to 30 then logging out to wait for tomorrow

    Gee, maybe they should add some meaningful gameplay then.

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    I agree it’s something that the developers should reconsider. If I think back over troves history and events that have created players to cooperate and play with each other on a large scale, & discuss on youtube / social media / forums etc. I think the developers should look at these events see why they are popular, to see if they can build on them to create more interest in the game.

    From my club chats people are playing together;
    1. Completing Shadow Tower (on a Monday)
    2. Speed runs against Daughter of the Moon; carried out by the top 100 – 200 players.
    3. Rampage, a good idea and people still complete it together.

    4. Pirrot farming, stopped, but it used to bring people together on a Saturday, now clubs struggle as you can’t get good quests until you get the club to level 6, which is almost impossible unless you have a group of 5+ players that are going to spend Tuesdays grinding the fishing quest over & over.

    5. K10 Outpost – completing it with Pinatas; I remember stumbling across a group on this and taking part, it was fun everyone grabbing the quest shooting hundreds of piñatas. Then people were hunting down the quest and asking for pinatas, it was popular. I actually think the developers could develop this further to create a popular event (maybe not popular with the people with lvl 30 characters who believe everyone should be grinding dungeons alone). For example make a quest line, the piñatas are getting invaded, and we get ‘dark piñata’, instead/as-well the piñatas dropping the usual stuff they also drop 5-10 mini enemies that work on a K10. The developers can control the amount of piñata, make it a limited time, they could be sold in the store, etc. it would be popular and fun.

    6. K10 Outpost – moving it to a cursed skulls; I haven’t seen this done much but it’s definitely more efficient than using invaders, but it’s pretty boring, with a high lvl player shoot the cursed skulls and everyone else just takes the mission until its maxed. So people playing the game don’t seem to be trying to complete the K10 the most efficient way, but the most fun way.

    7. K10 Outpost – completing it with Invaders; Top lvl clubs generally frown on it and say people should be grinding dungeons. In clubs with lower lvl players its popular and people are hunting k10 mission and then asking for people if they have a trap, if you go to the trap there’s loads of people there and when the invaders spawn, it goes pretty mad with creatures spawning, (people dying as they are only just able to get in u9) & it creates a buzz, the anticipation and waiting and then the craziness when the invaders spawn. I find it boring as you spend most your time waiting for the invaders to spawn, probably better during fast invasion. From social media sources groups I’ve seen people are asking about how to build a traps etc. I believe this is good for the game its generating interest outside the game (though not from the people that are end game, that think you should go grind dungeons alone). People are still going to have to grind dungeons to get gems. I think having this relative short fun event each days breaks up the grind, if its nothing but the same old grind people will stop playing, new players are what keep the game alive and the game can evolve.

    8. 5 Star dungeons; don’t work to get people playing together, due to the flawed reward system; why do we complete them, for crystalline cores. So I go U8 and quickly solo complete 3 x 5 star dungeons, to get 1 x gold, 2 x silver reward. That’s it done and over. The only other reason to go grind U10 is for Crystal 3 gear, so I go and grind 5 star dungeons sometimes with other players but I want everyone to stay together and go round opening the chests together, it’s annoying if someone goes off completing the other bosses as your actually going to miss out on gear drop (there no point in trying to get a good time, as you get nothing for it). If that happens I leave and go off and solo U10 5 star dungeons so I get to open all the chests. The rewards could be tweaked to correct this, i.e. just making U9 gold reward drop 10 cores, U10 gold reward drop 12 cores, would be enough to make me go find a group to complete it in a good time (at least once/day). Or make a reward chest appear (like the shadow tower) at the dark heart if the dungeon is completed in a gold time every time, this would give people a reason to work together completing the dungeon in a quick time, and could work in U8, U9, U10 as the drop chance would be crystal 1, 2, 3.

    Therefore I think the K10 and invaders should be left, as its fun and generating interest outside the game (BTW I got all my classes to lvl 30 before the K10) Could the K10 outpost not be changed instead so it’s a separate quest to max out and reduce the maximum number so it can be completed 10/day for example.

    5 star dungeons quests could do with the quest limit increasing as I hit the max all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toniblazer View Post
    After this patch without compensations, probably i will stop playing this game because i dont want back to play/farm with this lag again.
    Well, sorry to break it to you, but this is an MMO, you need to expect a grind to get far in this game and the outposts have made the grind too easy. And its not reducing the xp for outposts, its just preventing them from moving. There are other outpost quests such as fishing and plasmium.

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    The problem isn't always the fact the NPCs moving, it's the fact that outposts give TOO MUCH XP. This, I've addressed many times and I think that the outpost and PvP xp need to be reworked to be less WHILE they INCREASE dungeon and mob xp by a decent amount, so that way we don't feel like we are losing much by losing the outposts. I am fine with dungeon grinding, I don't know about you guys though. This game has become too easy for newer players and at the same time, just as confusing. I have created a backlog of discussions I need to start on these forums and I hope to start those soon.

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