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Thread: Legalize Moving Outpost-NPCs, or: Welcome Back Griefers

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    Legalize Moving Outpost-NPCs, or: Welcome Back Griefers

    Once upon a time in Trove some nice people created outposts with quests in Luminopolis.
    The fishing-quest was nice on collecting-day, giving quick XP, 10 Adv and materials - till griefers came along, bombing and watering, making it unuseable. Trove-Support was bombed with "help" and "bann this griefers" and gave this statement:

    Trove Livestream Notes 04/05/2018

    Is moving the outpost NPC's to cornerstones an acceptable practice?
    We've seen it happening so we are aware and we may prevent it from possible in the future.

    Meanwhile some nice gamers save rampage-quest-NPCs to their cornerstone, because griefers can not attack foreign cornerstones. The ramp-quest gives XP, 30 Adv and boxes (save them and open at plasmium-quest for XP, 20 Adv and materials) - and some other gamers, who do not have the time to wait for hours for rampage, save the "kill 10 enemies"-NPC to their cornerstone, getting XP and 10 Adv.

    Nice, no griefers anymore. Peaceful community, help for beginners, Adv for gamers and clubs, lot of new friends.

    Some griefers struck back by spreading the rumor that moving an NPC was prohibited.

    Trove-support was flooded with more "is this legal?"-questions and mix it with other NPCs (ships and Geode Topside) and made this solution:

    PTS Patch Notes - Bomber Royale Season 2 Patch - March 7, 2019

    Outpost NPCs in Luminopolis and Geode Topside can no longer be affected by bounce blocks.

    Welcome Back Griefers!

    I was on PTS. Right, I could not save any NPC to a cornerstone. I can water the fishing points. I can bomb all Outpost-NPCs deep into ground and if there was plasma around, flood it ... I can make all unuseable. [i still could demage a ship, not tested Geode Topside - both are not the issue here, I am talking about Luminopolis-Outpost-NPCs]

    Legalize Moving Luminopolis-Outpost-NPCs to a Cornerstone!

    * It is a nice gimmick and helps ALL.
    * Outpost-quests are already limited to 20 a day.
    * Using this feature still needs weeks to level your class to 30 and then you still have not the gems and dragons and whatever.
    * Nice community and lot of new friends.

    * Great fun for beginners and "silence" for the Trove-support!


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    I can see how it was reasonable to prevent NPCs from being affected by bounce blocks since technically, people can grief like that too (ex: moving NPC far, far, far away from everyone else so that nobody can use it or find it). NPCs being able to be affected by bounce blocks was probably not intended, though now the remaining issue is what you said. People can still grief the NPC area preventing people from even using it. I believe the devs have mentioned that they cannot make the blocks surrounding the NPC undamaged or something as well.

    I think the devs should definitely look into this issue as the changes are probably doing more harm than good.
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    the op makes many good points , but if they are already putting this change on test server , then the decision by the devs is made and no amount of petitioning by players will change it .
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    K10 farms are much too easy to level to 30 with. It used to take a long time to go from 27-30 farming hard St or whatever and people would learn their class. Now I see 25-30k PR asking if their SH is magic damage or physical damage. Grinding ST also made friends and gave you something to do versus logging in for fifteen minutes a day to level to 30 then logging out to wait for tomorrow

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    You make some good points, but there a lot of downsides to this as well. Some of these include the fact that exploiters will be able to level up faster then honest people who don't want to exploit this game and want to grind how the game was intended, by doing dungeons. It has already slightly happened in my primary club with people feeling discouraged to even do dungeons anymore, cause whats the point? Just join an uber 9 10 kill farm and boom you will go up by a good 800k XP (might be way more I'm just taking numbers off of what I got from my other classes). And keep in mind these aren't new players sitting at 10k-15k these are players that have been in the top 200s of the leader boards for highest PR for a while now. Another main issue is just how the game works. Sure you can do a 10 kill but then what. Leveling up your character will only give you a slight PR increase, nothing major at all. And so people who use these daily will have no idea how a gems work. Another really big issue that I have seen personally in Shadow Towers are people not knowing how their classes work. This may seem like an exaggeration, but I have seen Neon Ninjas who have enough health to tank, and Dracolytes who don't know how their class gems work. This is only gonna get worse. A better idea, make it so Outposts cannot get damaged at all (kind of like how the Hub can't be damaged by bombs or dragons) and keep the changes that are being implemented in this new patch (which I absolutely love . Then we could solve the issue of griefers (which I admit have done a couple of times when I saw a bunch of people doing 10 kills) and the issue of 10 kill being an exploit that not gets people to high levels who aren't ready whatsoever, and the issue of people who will honestly grind out dungeons (like the game was intended) losing interest in the game (cause I mean whats the point if you spent over 500-800 hours on Trove, only for some kid to get to the same level as you are in almost two weeks but doesn't even know how to use his class effectively). Sorry if this is kinda long I just wanted to rant about this, but I do see what OP is saying and you are making some good points.

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    I don't know why anyone would care for it to be fixed, but it is still an exploit.

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    I always said from the start that they´ll just have to make the whole outpost indestructable.

    - no block placing.
    - not affected by bombs or dragons just like the hub.

    That way no one coul troll and the outposts would work as intended, without any overpowered farms.

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    Just a matter of time before outposts becomes hubs.

    And outposts will only count for the first 5 enemies from cursed skulls.

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    Nope, I'm glad they are fixing the exploit. Trove especially is prone to people finding exploits and taking advantage. Now you shouldn't cry about having to lvl up the correct way. Doesn't have anything to do with griefers or not having enough time to play the game and lvl up the legit way. Another exploit fixed, then more to be found in the future. Its a cancerous cycle.

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    My solution would be to remove the insane XP from both Outpost quests and from Bomber Royal. No insane XP, no need for the 10 kill farm.

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