Duo Queue
  • Play Bomber Royale with a friend!
  • From the Friend list, click the bomb button to invite your friend to join you in a match of Bomber Royale.
  • Compete against up to 9 other teams of 2 players – the team with the last member standing wins!

New Rewards
  • Bomber Royale now rewards Season Two coins.
  • The Bomber Royale Merchant has updated his stock with a whole new set of rewards, including a new Golden Dragon Egg, the Warpainted Javelina mount, 4 new stellar auras, and a new Legendary Tome.
  • The Golden War Head Dragon Egg unlocks Kyrothon, the War Head, a new Ances
    tral dragon! Kyrothon shoots rubber bombs, including using any equipped Rubber Bomb styles (more on this new feature under the Store category below).
  • Two Season Two coins can be exchanged for one Season One coin.
  • The Season One rewards are all still available from the Bomber Royale Merchant - hit the green arrows at the top of the menu to switch between Season One and Season Two rewards.
  • The existing Bomb-nanza Balance Sheet: Season One will continue to grant Season One coins.
  • 2 new maps have been introduced for Bomber Royale.

  • A pack of Bomber Royale styles have been added to the Style tab of the Store. Personalize Rubber Bombs and Sticky Bombs with 3 styles each. Styles can be found under Collections > Styles > Bomber Royale. Note that Kyrothon, the War Head will use the equipped Rubber Bomb style for his breath attack.
  • Added Bomber Royale Coin Boosts to the More tab of the Store. These boosts will double all Bomber Royale Coins (both Season One and Two) from most sources until 50, 100, or 250 coins have been doubled. Note that these boosts cannot be stacked and coins will not be doubled when converting Season Two coins in to Season One coins.
  • Swapped the New and Deals tab so Deals is always the first tab visible in the store.
  • Clarified the Double Dragon pack description.

New Dungeons
  • New Luminopolis dungeon from Evilagician!
  • New Luminopolis dungeon from Ylva!
  • New Desert Frontier dungeon from Ylva!
  • New Luminopolis lair from RomyThecarrot!
  • New Neon City lair from Twiglest!
  • New Peaceful Hills Sunflower from Poena!

Additional Updates
  • Cy and Sanguine, the Twin Plagues have been added to the Legendary category and can now be obtained from a Golden Dragon Effigy.
  • Spiders in Shadow towers, Neon City, Permafrost and other areas can now rarely drop Spider Dragon Fragments.
  • Yorinn and Za'Hadeen now have VFX while gliding.
  • Fixed Shadow Tower boss HP bar to show over the compass again.
  • The tomes that can be crafted from runecrafting have been redistributed through the ranks to allow starting players to create tomes more quickly.
  • The kill 10 Luminopolis Enemies Outpost Adventure no longer counts invaders or other creatures that don't naturally spawn in luminopolis.
  • Outpost NPCs in Luminopolis and Geode Topside can no longer be affected by bounce blocks.
  • Geode Topside enemies can now drop trophies.
  • Reduced Geodian Cave Turret damage by 25% and reduced rate of fire by 50%.
  • The Geodian questline items that are required to for completion can no longer be trashed.
  • Changed the gem box provided with the Gems Expertise Thread to only be openable with the Golden Gem Key.
  • As requested by players, added a time stamp for chat messages. The time stamp is disabled by default and can be toggled with /setchattimestamp.
  • Increased the history buffer for the chat window.
  • Binding Darkness can now drop from all monsters roaming in the Shadow Tower, not just the monsters with affixes. It still does not drop from monsters spawned from cursed skulls or from monsters spawned by other monsters.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause one specific Uber level in Shadow Towers to drop 3 Binding Darkness instead of 1.
  • Adjusted icons for the Fae Wilds and Neon City biomes in the map to be more visible.
  • Dragon Coin Boost claims are now more informative.
  • Tooltips now correctly explain the Bomber Royale abilities.