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Thread: hello peeps i got a idea to add to the bushin beatmaster costume

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    hello peeps i got a idea to add to the bushin beatmaster costume

    hello peeps thecursedgod here i don't know how to make mods or anything but would be nice since it costs 20 chaos cores to make, that the costume should have actual musical sound with each neon ninja ability kinda like the gunner costume in the store except the bushin beatmaster costume should have like techno sounds and maybe some beat boxin beats. so if anyone could make a new bushin beatmaster mod that does that it would be extremely awesome or even if the devs updated it to do that would be even better.

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    I concur. As someone who actually owns the skin I always thought that the CG for the haxstar doesn't exactly fit as it's just a giant blade, why not reskin that into a big flaming CD? At least the skin has a matching mount (Hyperstar Hoverboard), I could see that the beatmaster could have some wobbles in place of the melee swings. A solid skin, regardless.

    (Also, don't smite me, I know it's kinda a necro but it's relevant!)
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