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Thread: Can we have U10 Prime yet?

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    Can we have U10 Prime yet?

    Currently the best world is U10 Geode topside. The problem with it is that it is so bland. 1 gem type, 2 terrible outpost NPCs, 2 ores, 3 tiers of super RNG gear, 3 biomes, 6 enemies, and 22 dungeons. Meanwhile in the prime worlds we had much, much more than that. I personally find myself falling asleep at these elemental worlds. The prime worlds offered so much more variety that wasn't boring. I understand, once again I'm in the minority for this because I know most people love the elemental worlds. Personally, I would like to see U10 for the other worlds, not just the Geode Topside.

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    +1 to the other types of worlds getting a U10 equivalent.

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    But what would be the rewards? On Geode topside an u9 box doesnīt give stellar gems, do you want the same to happen to prime and elemental worlds? That would screw over new players as they would have to reach 15k PR to start getting stellar gems (not even sure if this is possible).
    So what would be the point or what would u10 normal gem boxes give? Always radiant with a chance of stellar? Sounds fair, that would just increase dust for the players, I donīt think anyone is having many problem with dust nowadays though. And also a small xp bump for lvl29 players I guess.
    Meh... why not though?

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    perhaps the U10 boxes would work like the U10 cosmic boxes, commons radiants ,uncommons radiants and stellars on rare.
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    For the sake a variety, yes please.

    I quit Trove for about a year and just came back late last week. after grinding a couple days thru U8 and 9 Topside I made it to U10, and I can already see how repetitive it can get. Trove as a whole is repetitive, but the issue with Topside is that there really only is one biome. the map shows 3, but visually they are all the same. At least other worlds have differing environments.

    I've been enjoying my time back, but with the grind for Crystal 3 gear, I find little reason to go to Prime / Elemental worlds currently. And when I do, downgrading to U9 will be oof
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    On the contrary, Tubsss, I am having some dust issues because I need to craft the silver augments to help boost some of my classes. Sure I can just farm in the elemental worlds, but those are too boring in my opinion, as I stated above.

    I know that's my problem, but that's that for me.

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