Hey folks!

I felt like we could benefit from a single thread that covers a few common technical issues in Trove for consoles. Please take a look at the info below if you find yourself running into trouble.

Connection Issues
Here is a support article that covers some steps to try when running into connectivity issues.

Account Linking
To link a Glyph and console account, try these steps. This link helps our support team better track issues, but also lets you consume voucher codes to grant rewards offered up by the dev team.

If you linked the wrong accounts, that can be fixed by following these directions.

Trove Behaving Badly
There can be times when you're playing Trove on a console and things are not working as they should. This could mean many things, but a few of them can be missing components of the UI or items you should be able to use not responding as they should.

Because Trove on consoles cannot use mods, the troubleshooting of these issues is fairly straightforward:
  • Delete the game from your console
  • Restart the console (unplug it while it's off for 1 minute, if possible)
  • Install the game again.

A fresh installation should fix any file corruption that may be causing unusual behavior.