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Thread: Rework old costumes

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    Rework old costumes

    We have a big cout of old custumes in store. We can buy them for cubits (750 / 1250) but many of them is totaly boring in comparison with new ones
    For "exemple" we can take Tomb Raiser (my main :P)
    So what we have in store ? Acidic (green guy with blue-eyed skulls in back), Soulkeeper (blue) and Funereal Pharaoh (gold?)
    How about make rework of first two of them (cuz Funereal Pharaoh is ok, first nice Trove team`s costume for TR)
    About Acidic I will add my art. About Soulkepper - how about transform his minions in to ghosts ?
    We purchase this for cubits and we demand a quality product !

    A i wish they add goliath spider as mount

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    I agree, but not to the extent you suggest. The old costumes could definitely use some vfx variety to make them different from base. Have dracos bombs be a different color, have tomb raisers skellies a slightly different model, simple stuff.

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