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Thread: Lesser Geodian Topside Cache Loot

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    Lesser Geodian Topside Cache Loot

    The loot tables for these boxes needs to be rethought. There should not be pearls of wisdom in these. Forge fragments I understand, although I still dislike them, but pearls of wisdom are out of place and unwanted.

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    Let alone that you only get what 1 pearl?
    When you can get 2 -5 from one stellar item.
    Then can grow them in Gardening 2.0 (When ever that shows up)

    So yes these do need to be removed.

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    You think thatís bad.... Iv gotten like 5-6 out of the greater top side caches, which I really question why they are even in the store ones I feel itís such a rip off to be in the greaters

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