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Thread: Suggestion: Cubits-Buttons for Gem Booster Box Packs (11x/33x)

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    Lightbulb Suggestion: Cubits-Buttons for Gem Booster Box Packs (11x/33x)

    This is only a small change but a huge advance in useability: Buying Gem Booster Boxes with cubits is pretty tedious if you want to buy more than just a handfull. Please add buttons to the 11-pack and 33-pack with cubits. I don't mind paying the full 500 cubits for each GBB in the pack, it is just tedious to click 150 times to buy 50 boxes (click on cubits button, click confirm, click OK again after purchase, da capo al fine) not to mention that it's a slow process.

    I acknowledge that you probably intend to push people towards using credits but I'd be fine with paying the full amount of cubits instead of the discounted amount (5500 cubits instead of 5000 for the 11-pack and 16500 cubits instead of 15000 for the 33-pack) as a sort of compensation.

    Any chances for that?

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    Hope that Gamigo adds this because Trion didn't do it and it was asked many times
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    They need to just add a quantity button next to the cubits pricing for both the boosters and the regemerators. You click it up to 50 or whatever and then click buy, it says "are you sure you want to buy 50?", you click yes and thats all there is to it.

    This would not be much different than the quantity ticker for moving inventory. They already have the UI for it.

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