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Thread: Please remove limit of weekly amount of lunar soul

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    People need to stop caring so much about reaching 'max coefficient'. The difference is so small you can't even tell. As long as you don't have the gem stat boost on CH it's all good.

    Nothing in this game requires you to have damage on every slot unless you are doing speedrun for purple color top 100 dotm. The end game in this game which is ST is so out dated, we overpower it by a lot.

    Also don't use your good materials on small gems, use only on empowered gems. Also get gems with good stats instead of relying everything on chaos sparks.

    Do you know why the gem boosted stat reroll was even added? It was because of the light stat.

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    The purpose of the chaos flare is to remove boosts to critical hit and light, not to avoid re-rolling stats. It does exactly what it is intended to do and saves you tons of lunar souls, as you no longer have to dump every gem that rolls into critical hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorvik View Post
    Originally, you only were able to get 6 lunar souls a week. then they increased the number to 12/18. I'm sorry, but I do not agree that you should be able to farm or craft an unlimited amount of lunar souls. The game has gotten so much easier in the last few years with the addition of Gem Augments, Gem Stat Rerolls and being able to move the boosts. The game is based on RNG luck for your advancement. I'm sorry that you had bad RNG, but I do not see that as a reason for unlimited Lunar souls.

    As I suggested in the other thread on the subject of Lunar souls, perhaps reduce the number of Lunar souls required to craft from 3 to 2 would give you 6 chances as a non patron per week instead of the current 4.

    Personally for me, the problem is not the number of Lunar souls, but getting Binding darkness to go with those Lunar souls. I'd rather see them correct the Binding darkness drops than spend time on Lunar Souls.

    Past this subject, with max PR at 34K, we are way overpowered for the current content. I can take any of my 30K PR classes and easily solo clear a U10 5* dungeon. I dont see that one stat on one gem is going to make that much difference if your class is over 30K PR.

    In summary, -1 to your request.
    Ok just to start off st ult has gotten. Very intence since eclipse update even a group of end players over 30k has trouble getting even pass hydra so ult dotm is majorly out of reach of any 23k and below player (unless draco team spams and hours per floor)
    Anf the only thing the got is hard and it only give like 6 if. Unless someon with good faith or team help (carry) them to do ults and thats harder then asking trion to fix the game. Second most classes arent capable with ults solo ( witch happens the majorty of the time) i have all my gems upgraded dps focus and all at level 25 And even with knight ult hydra fries me like bacon on a desert one shot one kill their damage is insane their damage resistance is insane and the game forces u for listeal and dps, so ill understand people saying that they need more lunar souls and given the intence rng i dont think its fair you grind 6 week of lunar when to gwt a stat and other get it just on the first day for the same thing, thats totally out of balance. Oh and dont get me started about blind darkneess it took 3 ult bosses for one drop one. And u need like 4 four a random reroll thats dosent give you the stats u need. Not only that ur stuck with probably limited time to do your grind at all and when u do them it feels a waste of time i mean take titan chest for instance...they suck. And their a waste of resource. And time. So the fact that either the items on gems should be what one whats to get not bas on rng ( selective ) and to balance it itll cause probably double the resource but is better then some stupid random rng. Upgrading to perfect gems is even more harder the passing arnchorage mission with none of your strike squad dying on enemy hands actually perfect gems in fallout is even more harder the try to beat a orge and a dark persuer whos attacking u at the same time in normal mode i tried so much that i couldnt win even slaying dragons were mor easier then those dark pasuers and orge combo. I know its a fre to play game but that dosent give the right for any dev to litterly cause trauma to people on rerolls and intence grinding. If there was a game like trove just more balance and fair trion Wouldve went banckrupt since the first year trove was reliese not only that but people spend intence money on this game i think the least devs could do is make the game better atleast, for all the tramutizing bad class making and rng time walls and ghanda lotery traumas and stunitus aguditus spamus when people use knight class (majorly of the people do) i mean really this game has been for 5 years or so and still in only has 30 levels per class its been 3 straight years since 90 percent of the players solo u9 and u 10 came out just the other day. Then devs want are money really. I took 3 straight years for my knight to be at end game and why is that becus damn rng dam time walls and dam horible class creation. I mean really am i the only one who find the kingts cg usless it is usless it just ocupies a gem ability it does the same damage as spaming spirla strike with good aim or spaming m1 with attack speeds the stuns are not worth since ult intenly depend on life steal and eaxh life steal depends on to hit if any eny passes that thing and touches u your fried. Even if its just a spider o and dont get me started abou that lame m2 and passive Jesus man. Peopme even say in clubs class description that when u slect knight hit j and change class in other words ( Knight is worthless) and its been like that for years and still havent got fic common atleast have some love for the people who waste money in this game to the devs so the can just use it for their daily meals and not give a........ To help the players who keep them alive.

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