Hey Trovians,

We know that some of you already faced an issue with your Cornerstone showing up blank after summoning it. This issue can’t be fixed with just restarting the game, you'll need to contact our support in order to get it fixed.

As you might know, our support team is getting many tickets per day, so you may wait longer than is usual to get a response. However, there is a simple trick you can use to get a faster response if your Cornerstone shows up blank:

The correct subject
Don’t try to put too much information in here. Keeping it short helps us see what the issue is at a glance. It's also vitally important that the subject is very specific to the exact issue you're having. A simple "Cornerstone" or "Blank Cornerstone" works perfectly in this case.

Provide important info in the body of your ticket
Our support agents want to help you quickly. In order to do so, they sometimes must ask many questions. If you provide all needed answers from the beginning, you can avoid having a lengthy e-mail exchange as we try to gather necessary details.

Here are examples of important info to put in your ticket:
  • Your Character name.
  • The platform you are playing on (PS4, Xbox One, PC) as well as your region (North America or Europe).
  • When did the issue occurred? Please specify as clear as possible and in best case you can provide the date.

Bad example:
Subject: I lost my castle
Description: I’m playing Trove since 2014 and put plenty of effort into my castle to make it look like I want to and now everything is just gone!! Please help!

Good example:
Subject: Blank Cornerstone
Description: Today I went into Trove and tried to summon my Cornerstone, but it didn’t show up correctly. Please restore my Cornerstone.

Character name: TKCastle
Platform: PS4 NA
Date: 02.21.2019

Updating your ticket
Please do NOT update your ticket unless the customer team asked you to do so. When you add new info to a ticket in queue it will go all the way back to the end of the queue. Also, do NOT create multiple tickets for the same issue. It won’t make the answer come faster if you keep sending new tickets.
If you feel like you have waited too long already, get in contact with your Community Managers, provide the ticket ID and they can recheck the status for you.

Last but not least: Allow our support team to take action
If the support team can restore your Cornerstone, they will replace the broken one with an older version of what you have built before. Since it is a backup of your Cornerstone, it could be that some of the changes you recently have done would not be there anymore. Because of this reason our support team needs your permission to proceed and giving the greenlight right away, can also speed up the whole process.

We hope these guidelines will help you further!

Thanks for reading.