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Thread: 3 Suggestions with explaination and tiny story.

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    3 Suggestions with explaination and tiny story.

    Hello, I want to make a suggestion.

    1: Have a world like Radiant Ruins(Where there is no actual ground or Deep Sea Of Regret) or Geode topside as a club world. I genuinely thought there is a terraformer to do that, unfortunately there isn't. Should I regret making a club? Spending my fluxes and golden souls?

    2.Freeform magrail editting. Yes, when you connect the mag rails and try to edit 2 rail direction in a straight line in 2 blocks, they will be automatically reverted. Yes, this is kinda taking away the freedom of using mag rails.

    3. We should be able to test and use locked collections like you can only use a certain collection, let's say, a costume, in a certain world or time. Because it's kind of hard pick a locked costume when you don't have them, and don't want to waste resource for it. Oh? Props in costume, yup, those, in what we cannot see in the costume icon itself, like the neon ninja's Shadow Flip VFX and the dracolyte's ultimate form.

    All I have as a suggestion. Have a nice day.

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    Geode terraformer would be nice.

    Also, I've always felt they should have a costume tryout bench. It should work just like the barbershop bench where you can see how they look before you craft or buy them.

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