I viewed Dragons as the last great item you collected in trove when I first started playing.
My goal was 1 dragon.
Took me a few weeks as I learned the game and with 0 real directions how or what things did, I got my Dragon.
Block Dragon, he was my baby and I was proud.

Fast forward 1 year I had 20, 6 months later 40... now I have 54? I have more dragons then most other things in the game.
Dragons are way to simple to get. Yes some need strategy to obtain or having knowledge on the best path to take.

There's always going to be the hardest 1 to get.
Making them easier to get is not a great game plan.
Making them worth the effort is what should have been.
I have about 40 dragons ive never bothered to ride, I wish each one felt as special as that 1st 1.... but there's just to many that you just obtain naturally as you progress with mastery and Pr.
Some unlock later then others and no matter what we do will always be the case.

wish you luck but you also need to know, some content must be p2w or rip trove.
Your after a p2w item.