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Thread: Shadowcaster Costume (Tomb Raiser) WIP

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    Shadowcaster Costume (Tomb Raiser) WIP

    A Tomb Raiser costume based on the Geode Topside Pentapod-Shadowcaster. Replaces the Funeral Pharaoh costume. A work in progress. Currently only the helm, staff, costume, minions, and passive ability (the swirly souls) is done. The ultimate, banshee, and the rest of the vfx are yet to be made.


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    That's amazing! I love cosmetics that are based on the in-game enemies, those bubble souls are great as well! Be sure to upload it to Trovesaurusand/or Steam workshop when it's done! Can't wait to see the ult, and the banshee might be the rocky-back eel, if I had to hazard a guess? Great work, it's not often vfx like the souls are re-made!

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