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Thread: Players can not sell credit pounch properly

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    Players can not sell credit pounch properly

    Big problem with the sale of credit pounch. Currently, a player who buys credit pounch can not sell a pack of credit pounch. He can not sell them individually without a manipulation known from a small part of the community. He has to separate the credits pounch one by one in his inventory to succeed in selling them. Due to this bug, the credit pounch are expensive for the players who buy those with flux. And a new player, wanting to buy credit pounch to make the flux, can not sell them and decide not to buy anymore.

    Im not sure but i think i saw on youtube the players on pc do not have this problem. So please fix this bug, the credit pounch are really expensive for F2P players.

    En francais :
    Gros problème avec la vente de bourse de crédit. Actuellement un joueur qui achète des crédits ne peux pas les vendre en pack. Il ne peux pas les vendre non plus unitairement sans une petite manipulation connu d'une petite partie de la communauté. Si il veut lez revendre, il va devoir les séparer une par une dans son inventaire. À cause de ce bug le prix des bourses augmente constamment. Et un nouveau joueur qui achète des bourses pour se faire du flux ne sais pas comment les vendre et donc n'en achètera plus.

    Sur des vidéos YouTube il me semble avoir vu que les joueurs PC n'ont pas ce problème.

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    Credit pouches are 160-200k on PC most of the time

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    Bug still not fixed. Thats not a minor bug, the players buy credit pounch to earn flux with their own money irl.

    If you dont fix it, i will have to do something with microsoft. And im not alone.

    If you dont know how to fix this bug, then you have to explain to the players how to sell it. Recently a player message me again to ask why he cant sell it.


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