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Thread: The Camelot [Recruiting]

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    The Camelot [Recruiting]

    Greetings, Trovians!

    Are you looking for join a club? Well, i will talk a little bit about The Camelot!

    About Us

    The Camelot is a social club that has been around since 2016. We want keep active and friendly community in Trove.

    What does The Camelot offer for you?

    Friendly community.

    Raffle events.


    Soccer tournaments and some special events (coming soon).

    We have all portals and benches.

    Weekly Ultra ST Runs.

    We have a "Captains' Build Place" for you to create a your own builds.

    We have a Discord channel.

    We have great builds in club world.

    We have +500 members.

    What is club level and bonuses?

    Club level is 10 and all fixtures tier 3. Our club bonuses quite well.

    Our club bonuses for members;

    Shrine Of Skill (T3) : It grants an additional 10% Critical Hit and 100% Critical Damage.

    Shrine Of Ferocity (T3) : It grants a 15% bonus to Physical Damage and Magic Damage.

    Shrine Of Resilience (T3) : It grants 10% Damage Reduction.

    Shrine Of Vitality (T3) : It grants a 100% bonus to Maximum Health.

    Mount Menagerie (T3) : Contains 5 Leash Blocks, Grants +5 Jump and Increased chance (x4 more than Tier I) of dropping kind of Talismans.

    Effigy Of Potent Opulence (T3) : Grants a 20% reduction in gem upgrade cost, Slight increase (x4 more than Tier I) in the chance of Gem Boxes in Prime Worlds to drop.

    How do I join?
    Our only requirement is "you need be +25k pr on least your 1 class or +400 mr". You may contact any Enforcer, Officer or President in game about joining our club.

    The Camelot's Staff
















    Some photo from our club world

    Legendary Camelot Castle - Huge Hub (Fully upgraded with Gold Theme -photo will get update soon-)

    Our 2nd Hub (Old Hub)

    Our First Hub (Oldest Hub)

    The Ancient Dragon Way

    Golden Pyramid

    TGK Stadium

    Statue Of TGK, who protect us from Halloween portal and evil monsters.

    Current Hub's Forest & Camelot Village

    Secret Hub

    We have a lot of cool builds to show off. Feel free to come visit our club world. (/joinworld The Camelot)



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    Greetings Trovians,

    After so many tickets and talks, seems devs cannot helps to us about our name bug and we have been changed our club name today for fix our "/joinworld The Camelot" bug.

    After this time you can use "/joinworld The Camelot" for join to our club world(with double space).

    Also with this name change's happen our club logo resetted on TheSymbol Club Tag & TheSymbol Chat Mod. We have been sent new req. about our club logo for our new name. I hope TheSymbol will add it on next mod update.

    Well, all is that for now.


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    Greetings Trovians,

    We have abondened our joining requirements till July 1st. Be quick to join before it's too late!

    Also we will update this recruitment page soon.

    Well, that's all for now.


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