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    Events Feedback & Suggestions

    Hey there!

    Meowser is looking to get feedback from all of you on the last few events we've added to the game. We've seen the existing posts, and definitely appreciate them, but we're creating this one to widen the net a bit.

    In addition to feedback on existing events that we can explore for the future, we'd also love to hear your own ideas for the kinds of events we should have in Trove.

    To make things easier to navigate we'd appreciate it if everyone could format their replies in a way that helps us quickly capture your suggestions.

    To do that, please create a Feedback header and a Suggestion header, like this:

    I enjoyed Subterranean Scramble very much and appreciated that this event was a change of pace from previous events.

    My main concern was that players who hadn't spent a lot of time in Geode caves were at a disadvantage for some of the adventures.

    Trove should celebrate April Fool's Day with some whimsical pranks where you say a thing is the case, but it's not really that way. Then, at the end of the day you say "April Fool's" really loud and everyone has a good chuckle.

    If you just have feedback for us, go ahead and just use the Feedback header. If you just have suggestions, slap a Suggestion header on it. This is just to help us navigate things a little easier. Feel free to go into as much detail as possible. The more thoroughly fleshed out your thoughts, the more likely we are to be able to implement changes.


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    I loved the lady bug invasion.
    1. A rare item to hunt for that had value.
    2. Items were able to be traded
    3. Team work as more friends equaled more spawns

    I forget the event but you went on a treasure hunt looking for benches to craft items.
    Again team work and searching for that rare dungeon was fun.


    Bingo event.
    Click enter 20 players all get a bingo card.
    First to get a bingo wins.
    The bingo cards have items from the game such as penta, mushrooms, fairy dust.....

    Each bingo card gets 5 easy items - 5 medium - 5 hard - 5 very hard - 4 geez how am i going get that fast omg.... why is this on my bingo card...

    This event should be pretty easy to program as you just need images and "and logic"

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    An event (or multiple different events) that explore the basic lore of Trove. For the amount of mentions Cygnus and the other celestial paragons have throughout the game we know very little about them. The story presented by the introduction video when you first start the game could also use clarification and expansion. I'm very interested to know more about the main story and characters of Trove.

    As a side note visuals for the celestial paragons and gods would be cool as well.

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    I don't know if this is possible though.

    Revamp sky realm, add a new 5* radiant dungeon that rarely spawn there and must be found, the dungeon is indestructible by bombs, only one way in, 4 cursed skulls must be completed before getting on the last room, a new radiant giant dragon awaits there in a big room with air drafts on some points, this dragon can only be damaged by legendary dragon fireballs, yes, you'll need at least one legendary dragon to be able to fight this dragon (primodial fire dragon do less damage cause auto fire), make this dragon really strong and fast so people would have to avoid being close to him (maybe make it fly too? if possible :P).
    If its not possible a 5* dungeon, make so a portal would rarely spawn on sky realm, and first eight to join the portal would have their chance on this "radiant arena" instance, and since this dragon is only damaged by dragon's fireballs, class dps won't matter, only flying, shooting and dodging, people from any PR can fight it together as long as they have at least one legendary dragon.

    New rewards and rare drops from him, so people would have to try him multiple times, but only once a day each account, wouldn't be able to join the portal after one try, only next day.

    Just a crazy idea, might be too much work for devs, but would be so much fun.

    Too much? lol
    IGN: _Ethernet || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    Suggestion: don’t have events require geode caves

    Having events require going to the geode caves ruins the events for me. I can’t stand the caves, like a majority of players. Requiring people to go their with “incentives” doesn’t actually make them like the caves just makes them forced to go there. I hope future events will stop using the caves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbubblesps4 View Post
    Having events require going to the geode caves ruins the events for me. I can’t stand the caves, like a majority of players. Requiring people to go their with “incentives” doesn’t actually make them like the caves just makes them forced to go there. I hope future events will stop using the caves.

    Well, I like Geode, and can understand why some people don´t. But I´m pretty sure it´s not the "majority", unless you have some statistics to back that up. Doing Geode stuff is way better, more fun and more profitable than those "kill 100 turkeys" even quests they used to have. But that´s just my opinion...

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    As obviously stated, people who haven't put time into Geode are at a significant disadvantage in cases like Sub. Scramble. I have finished the Tutorial Questline from Geode, but due to the rarity of eggs in Tier 3 I will not be able to obtain all the rewards I would like, and if I wanted to go to tier 4 I would need to put hours into mining hundreds of builderite, sparkstone, and other resources. Meanwhile, others in my clan are able to complete these daily quests in 15-20 minutes. While I understand that they have already put in the effort to get this far in Geode (and this is a "reward" of sorts for doing so) - I would assume this was not intended, as other Events have always had their rewards fully available to all - nothing was ever locked to Uber-9 worlds, for example. Along with this, the gap between "has access to Tier 4 vs does not" is astronomically black and white in this particular event. You either do not and must rely on hours of grinding and RNG to complete the dailies, or you do and are able to complete them in 1-2 15 minute dives.


    In order to remedy this, rather than excluding Geode entirely from events, ensure that Dailies have a non-geode counterpart that is harder and/or equally challenging to do. Gathering large amounts of rare materials like Golden Souls, defeating a large quantity of a certain enemy, or completing different types of Outpost Adventures comes to mind as possible alternatives. The "Reward" is the same anyways - you should only be able to obtain 3 Tokens/day regardless of which subset of quests you chose to do.

    Along with this, one of my biggest gripes with Sub. Scramble is that I am expected to farm for hours on geode... which some days means this week I will (and have) skipped my Star Bar reward, due to Star Bar not being affected by anything in the Geode Caves. If there was one QoL change I would love to see, it's that while in the Geode Caves, going to a new Tier in a spelunking trip, gathering crystals, gathering ores, and helping Critters all give Star Bar bonuses (Since they fill Reliquaries anyway). Even if this only happened during Geode Events, it would be a large incentive to go to Geode and take a break from the normal Dungeon Grind people do to fill them.

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    I personally think that the questline was fine in terms of accessing all the places one needs to go. Previous events have asked you to go to Uber-5 worlds to do stuff in Dragonfire Peaks, which a completely fresh player isn't going to be able to do either - it takes a pinch of grinding to unlock access to it. Similarly, all you really needed to do with this event was to get the GAS module to level 2 (I know the intention was to complete the whole Geode Caves expertise line, but you can step inside Tier 3 just long enough to talk to Diggsly's Shadow at the gate).

    The hub also felt a bit more lively with the NPC's having dialogue if you wandered near them. Some people might not like this as much, but I do.


    The Promising Eggs really feel like they should be a permanent part of the caves. Double eggs would be a nice event bonus to run again, though!

    The daily quest to find a promising egg I feel relies a bit too much on RNG. Finding any 3 eggs is tolerable enough amounts of RNG as this comes up regularly enough, same with mining any 150 ore. Perhaps a daily quest like "help 10 cave critters" or "find a golden soul or builder's box" would have been received better in its place.

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    The Subterranean Scramble event was an excellent way to get people back into the Geode caves, but the locations of diggsly's shadow in the cave made it easy to miss 2/3rds of the daily quests. I didn't even realize that they existed until someone told me 3 days into the event. The quest giver should have been either bigger, easier to find, or in an easily noticeable location (the diggsly's shadow would walk around and could be obscured by blocks in the cave).

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    In thinking back over the events from the past few months (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years), I have to say that the quest NPC's for daily quests should be found in the hub. You should not need to go find an NPC and it be RNG for which quest that you get. That is too much RNG IMO, and only adds to the frustration level. This RNG also adds to confusion on which daily quest you actually got or completed. In talking to my wife last night, she had completed one of the Egg quests, but she couldnt tell me which one it was.

    The events from this fall/winter I thought were very doable in the 2 week time frame, and none of the individual tasks made me think "now how am I ever going to accomplish that" I was able to work on the steps in a casual fashion that 20-30 minutes per day on an alt account was enough time to complete the quest lines. I was able to make some progress to the quest each day. Note: some of the quest for collect 25 gem boxes, or complete 25 dungeons were broken into 2 days time to complete that task.

    I also looked at the events from a standpoint of can a newer player actually accomplish this? This is why I think the quest giver NPC's need to be in the hub.

    I do like the suggestion that others had about giving optional ways of completing a task. One in Trove, and one in Geode.

    I did like that the News page for the current event linking you to an event guide that explained the event in more detail.

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