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Thread: Knight cg need auto-trigger or a bit change

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    Knight cg need auto-trigger or a bit change

    I used the cg of knight so much that the button felled off my controller, OK this is the thing if knights cg must be triggered so much to get the effect in the creation isn't it obvious that it should have auto- trigger rather then pressing a button like 100 time per st dungeon, possibly breaking the button and is the most lowest cg that has the lowest damage then other classes. 2 its attack is low i have like 358k pd 100 crit hit and 1300% crit damage and the knight can only do like 400k of damage on st that is too low making it 500k dps while other class reach above 4m dps and without arcane or martial. I recommend that knight cg loses stuns and keeps spiral strike and that the cg causes a forward projectile( the cg trigger spirit squire) each 3 m1 (base attacks) hits i think that is better then breaking a button or two and some keys.

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    second lowest, chloro cg takes insane time and plant spam to trigger(need a fix, like the m2 in knight it is slow very slow it should be something that pull enemies to the knight casing enemies to do less damage)

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    now i wonder if i can fix that controller button.

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