Club Fixture Rent Autopay
  • There is now a checkmark next to the Pay Rent button in the Club UI.
  • Selecting this button will allow rent to autopay for future weeks as long as there are enough clubits available.
  • Rent will be paid as soon as someone enters the club world as long as clubits are available.
  • This option is only available to club members with the Fixture Upgrade permission.

30,000 Power Rank Subclass Tiers
  • The Tier 6 rank for subclasses now applies to the 25,000 to 30,000 Power Rank bracket.
  • There is now a Tier 7 rank for subclasses above 30,000 Power Rank.
  • Tier 7 passives have either a higher chance to occur or higher values.

Additional Updates
  • Companions and reliquaries are now equipped items and are no longer found in the Geode inventory while used in the caves. - Added 2/12/2019
  • /dnd should now correctly block invite attempts, even if entered after a /joinme was already rejected.
  • Spirit Spears animations should not continue to play if a Revenant dies while they are active.
  • The blastflowers created by Flower Power now damage blocks at their height or above, but do not damage blocks below them.
  • Plants and ore in the Geode Caves are now affected by Gathering Day.
  • The Crystallogy and Geodian Workbench are now craftable from the Builder's Crafting Bench.
  • The recipes to craft 100 Critter Treats, Comfort Blankets, and Curing Kits at the Crystallogist rank have been replaced by recipes to craft 10 instead. The recipes to craft 100 are now available at Geodemancer rank.
  • New Crates and Vaults are now available under the Dabbler, Enthusiast, and Lithologist levels of Crystallogy to help convert low level resources into higher level resources.
  • Crafted Dragon Souls can now be deconstructed in to their base materials.
  • Fixed some missing translations when the player's Power Rank is too low to receive loot in Shadow Towers.
  • The Gems Expertise Thread now correctly references Uber-9 Gem Boxes rather than Shadow Gem Boxes.
  • Ring boxes now have an error message when they fail to open due to a full inventory.