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    Just found out how to get the 20% of the time bug to clear. On the flux tab, you have to clear EVERYTHING to your storage chest, not just the first page. Apparently, the 20% of the time the bug wouldn't clear, it as correlating with an object on another page of the flux tab. I guess these resolved in the past after many months because I used up whatever was being incorrectly referenced by chance.

    So, if you have an item stuck, until the devs finally sit down and figure out what the hell is wrong with the code, move ALL 3 pages of stuff on the flux tab into your inventory and then do whatever with the stuck item. I'm just going to keep everything in my chest until I need it. So sick of this glitch. Happens all the time. Hopefully it can be prevented now.

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    I have the same matter. I try to sell my bones, but each time I select it, the selection switch to Magic Wood. It's annoying, I wanted to help a friend who need this material.
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