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Thread: Game needs a way to restore accidentally deleted items

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    Game needs a way to restore accidentally deleted items

    Due to the simplicity of how you can delete items and the ability to have latency issues due to this being an online game, there needs to be a way to restore the last deleted item. There are countless people who accidentally delete an item from their inventory and adding a way to restore this item would not only help players, but also cut down on the number of support tickets.

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    I totally agree with this. I was thinking the same thing yesterday, right after I accidentally deleted ~1700 eclipse keys due to lag.

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    Totally agree, after just buying gold companion egg and then when going back and forth from marketplace to buy materials to train it to max I have just deleted it when the game lagged whilst pressing square to open to training table....
    I can put up with the lag but something to return deleted items similar to loot collector would be ideal.

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    Hiya, I know this is a relatively older thread but if an item is accidentally deleted by a player there is a way to get it back. Submitting a ticket through this link https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us explaining the item that was deleted and some type of context on how it was deleted etc will help the support team to identify if there was an item that was deleted at that specific time. If so then there is a good chance you will be reimbursed with the lost items. Hope this helps!
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