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Thread: Linked Accounts Classes Lost?

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    Exclamation Linked Accounts Classes Lost?

    So I have been playing Trove a lot on my computer but recently I decided to switch to my Xbox as I have a better feel for a controller. So, to solve this, I linked my account and I started my game but I couldn't find any of my other classes. I browsed the web about linking accounts but I couldn't find anything about this situation.
    So it boils down to this: How do I get my classes on my Xbox that I purchased on my computer?
    (please note that I still have my classes on my computer but I would like to access them on my console)

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    Trove does not support cross-platform play and each version of Trove is separate.

    Linking [here] your console and Trion accounts qualifies you to participate in giveaways and contests, as well as help you stay up to date with in-game events and new updates.
    You’ll also get a free in-game Ally: Cotton Candy, a mighty pink unicorn with 50 Magic Find – a unique stat that can boost the quality of your loot!

    So, you unfortunally cant play on both at the same "level of progression".


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    you dont need an xbox just conect a gamepad to your pc done

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