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Thread: Not receiving diggsly token after completing challenge

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    Not receiving diggsly token after completing challenge

    Im starting to wonder if the diggsly daily token challenge is a trap because for the past 3 days when I complete the diggsly challenge to which is (mine 150 ore) I dont recieve a token nor is it even claimable and whenever I try to redo challenge it wont let me stating that, "I have already completed the maximum amount of these challenges for today." This is actually pissing me off because I have no need for ore all i want are diamond dragon egg shards

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    You can only do 20 of the outpost quest type per day. If you are doing a 10 kill farm before you try to do the diggsly, then you are doing it to yourself. Do the Diggsly first, then do the 19 other outpost quests. Why the Devs have the event quests be an outpost type of quest I do not know.

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